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Gameday Thread: Nats vs. Astros, Game 4
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Quote from: "PC"
Quote from: "mar (AKA pasqual AKA JMG)"
Quote from: "PC"
Quote from: "mar (AKA pasqual AKA JMG)"
Either of you guys ever watched a full 162 games? You ever seen a slump? Guererro just went 2 for 34 for the Angels - he a little leaguer?

There is a difference between informed criticism and ludicrous exagerration.

Which level of baseball do you think you'd find batters swinging at 3-0 pitches?

Gee I dunno. I see it every day in MLB when managers let hitters they trust make their own decisions on 3-0. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

What games do you watch?

Give it up. At least learn what official stats are collected before you start dismissing players as unworthy of your viewing attention.

Listen to Ken, you might learn something.

You have a real attitude problem.

And I know exactly what stats are collected.

I also know that no batter should swing at a 3-0 pitch because that's not playing smart.  "Sometimes works.  Sometimes doesn't." is bullcrap.

Oh Gee! HOF player and now manager too?

You wanna be one of those "fans" just lives to trash players, be my guest. I would recommend staying outta sports bars tho :)

Done with this.