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Gameday Thread: Nats vs. Astros, Game 4
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
You know what we got?  I hate to say it...I really do.  I love my Nats...but we got a great pitching staff and a AAA batting squad.   :(

Oh for GAWD's sake. Get a grip.
We got a lineup that has been hampered by injuries all season. We don't have a lot of power but the only guy you can say is putting up AAA results is Guzman.

What Nats do NOT have is a great lineup for RFK or a real monster of a power guy. That'll be taken care of in the offseason when the payroll actually hits a plausible amount for a major market team. In the meantime, try to retain your perspective.

AAA players? Little leaguers?
GEEZ I didn't know I was watching the game with retired hall of famers. Must be if you feel qualified to make those sort of judgements.