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Re: Follow The Prospects : Matt Skole 3B
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It's not skimping, it's redirecting to first rounders - if everyone signs, total outlay is the same. I just object to loading up on guys we know will take less than slot

It's the nature of the game now though. We aren't the only ones to employ that strategy, and weren't the worst. Don't hate the player, hate the game. The new draft rules have made it this way. It's not a strategy we solely employ.

We could draft totally slot and end up losing a pick if someone decides they want to go to school. Or if we value a guy much higher than someone else, we could take them where we value them, and sign them for less than slot. Is that still loading up for another pick? Being cheap?

The new rules have changed everything. I still consider us lucky having Giolito fallnto us. If we had to save a little on 2 or 3 picks to do so, that's what you have to do within the rules. We didn't blow wall other picks too just give Giolito our entire draft pool. We save a little but still went after some talented kids. Our first 3 picks were all top 100 ranked guys, depending on the board. I know had all 3 ranked there. So I think we did a good job balancing things out. If there's a problem, its with the new rules. Not with the Nationals. They played it well IMO.