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Re: Follow The Prospects : Matt Skole 3B
« Reply #50: June 25, 2012, 08:52:05 AM »
Thanks RD.  Always interested in your thoughts on the system.

When I read halfsmokes post at the top of the page, it implied we were being cheap, which prompted my response.  From what you are saying, it looks like we weren't so much throwing away half our top 10 picks to college seniors unlikely to advance beyond A ball as we took a lot guys around where they should have been drafted.  I don't think that is really signability picking, but it probably is not the old system where guys would be literally the best talent on the board and could be signed for a premium without consequences.  So I guess HS is right to :lmao: at the idea that we always take the best on the board, but it is probably a stretch to suggest that we are taking a lot of overdrafts simply to skimp money.