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Re: Follow The Prospects : Matt Skole 3B
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No one drafts just best players anymore.  with the cap on the bonuses, even the richest teams draft 3 or 4 guys who will sign for chicken feed.  That said, there is no way Skole was a signability pick last year.   

He was a slot guy, however. I know previous drafts have numbers all over, but he was a pick along the likes of Mooneyham and Kieboom. Skole's actual bonus was in the middle/bottom of the pack for the round.

Also, let's not forget that he is still in low A ball. We've had college guys with immediate success before, only to really slow down as they climb the ranks. Adrian Alaniz comes to mind. I have high hopes for Skole also, butletsnot get ahead of ourselves.

But Skole definitely does not have anything to do with the typeof drafting utilized to sign Giolito. We took a couple clear sign ability guys this year but also some slot guys. We didn't punt completely with the rest of our picks.