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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 1
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1- Fukudome RF,
2- Barney 2B,
3- Castro SS,
4- Ramirez 3B,
5- Pena 1B,
6- Byrd CF,
7- Soriano LF,
8- Soto C,
9- Coleman P

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1- Bernadina CF,
2- Cora 3B,
3- Espinosa 2B,
4- Nix LF,
5- Werth RF,
6- Stairs 1B,
7- Rodriguez C,
8- Desmond SS,
9- Zimmermann P

Moving Werth and Stairs down gives us hope that DaveyJohnson is not Joe Gibbs II.

"Ryan Dempster will not make his start [today],” Quade said. “He’s been under the weather. He’s got a little hip and back issue. We expect him to pitch on this trip, but we are going to back him off.” Dempster, who has also been dealing with a gastrointestinal disorder for several days, spent the night in the hospital on Saturday and received IV help, as well as tests to determine the nature of his back pain. Dempster will either pitch later this week or make his next start in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

This is a REAL chance for the Nationals to SWEEP ALL 4 GAMES and start a REAL run for the PLAYOFFS. Cubs pitching is horrible! The Nationals have GOT to put runs on the board!

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I feel really bad for dumpster - stomach problems when your back hurts just amplify off of the back pain and vice versa.