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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 1
« Reply #1100: July 05, 2011, 09:33:41 AM »
Wow, what a fun game to be at. That was the best non-OD, non-Strasburg crowd that I know of. The stupid Cubs fans were crushed. All my booing of Werth got his lazy butt in gear and then he won the game himself (run scoring ground-out, 10th inning heroics). It was hot as hell but it was worth it. Wahoo!

It was the seventh-highest Nats Park turn-out this season (the following is excerpted from my complete Nats home attendance register):

39,638   Saturday 2nd July 2011 vs Pirates [‘traditional doubleheader’]
39,055   Thursday 31st March 2011 vs Braves [season/home opener]
36,614   Saturday 18th June 2011 vs Orioles
35,562   Friday 17th June 2011 vs Orioles
35,439   Sunday 19th June 2011 vs Orioles
34,789   Monday 30th May 2011 vs Phillies [Memorial Day]
32,937   Monday 4th July 2011 vs Pirates

Not just a good group but a good outcome.