Sal from Leesburg is, you know?

Phil Wood's brother-in-law, brother, or cousin
1 (2.9%)
Phil Wood's bookie
7 (20%)
Phil Wood's college roommate or college friend
0 (0%)
Phil Wood's former co-worker
0 (0%)
A stranger who has called into any show Phil Wood hosts, for decades
18 (51.4%)
Other: (list below)
3 (8.6%)
Someone who likes to hear the sound of his own voice, on the air
6 (17.1%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Author Topic: Nats Talk Live Saturday 10 AM-NOON on MASN  (Read 109529 times)

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They're now referring to Sal as their "usual leadoff caller."  Sal essentially just told us that he didn't see last night's PH homer "because his wife had a more pleasant thing for him to do this morning..."  (I.E., he was getting laid.)

PLEASE call in, and use your WNFF user name (so we know you're from here).  This is OUR team's show and they've got almost 2 hours to fill.  I emailed a question about lineups already!

Oh sweet and merciful lord. What is this, some bizarro dark comedy? First the TMI and ick factor. Second the state/quality of the show. Third someone obsessed enough to call in to said show but not watching the damn games for... Wow. Humanity manages to fall a bit lower in my eyes. Bunker, here I come! (I bet Sal said that same thing this morning, ba-dum-bum.)