Author Topic: New Stadium Should Have Retractable Roof!  (Read 2606 times)

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New Stadium Should Have Retractable Roof!
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Quote from: "Montcobaseball"
Please.  Thats all they need to do is to suggest that a retractable roof, which would tens of millions of dollars if not more, to the cost, would drive the city council into some kind of frenzy and there would never be a new stadium built and the team would eventually move.   We sure as hell don't need a roof.

If there is ever a domed stadium in the D.C. area, it might be FedEx Field. I heard Dan Snyder say he is thinking of adding one since the NFL (despite 9/11) does not want to have the Super Bowl in a cold-weather city without a domed stadium. Personally, I don't think RFK is that big of a problem. I like the fact that there is a LOT of shade in that park, and a part of me will be sorry when they do move since there is no way the new stadium will have overhangs as big as the ones you see at RFK...

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