Author Topic: New Stadium Should Have Retractable Roof!  (Read 2780 times)

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New Stadium Should Have Retractable Roof!
« Topic Start: July 23, 2005, 04:40:33 PM »
I have attended a few recent Nats games.  The high summer heat and humidity is making the baseball experience less enjoyable.  The awful Nationals slump is another factor.  

Every time I leave the stadium my shirts are soaked with sweat.  No matter how much water I drink or ice cream I eat, I can't stay cool in RFK Stadium.  Also, I noticed that other baseball fans aren't cheering as loudly.  The intense heat and humidity can make people feel lethargic and grumpy.  

Needless to say, I think there should be a retractable roof stadium for the Nats.  That way, fans can enjoy the game under room temperature conditions.   I don't have to worry about my sweaty shirt sticking to the seat.  A roof will also protect fans from violent summer thunderstorms.  

Architects are looking at two models of stadium development:  Camden Yards vs. Safeco.  The OPACY/Jacobs Field model is already outdated; I think the HOK architects are focusing on an innovative design that would make the Nationals ball park the new standard for stadium development.  

RFK Stadium is not conducive to summer time sports.  The closed circular design with the overhang traps the heat in the ballpark.  Fans and players don't find the conditions very comfortable.  I hope the architects and the Nationals will answer this problem with the new Anacostia stadium.