Author Topic: Nick the Stick eyeing a Tuesday return.  (Read 2012 times)

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Nick the Stick eyeing a Tuesday return.
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According to the Washington Post.

So that begs the question, who sits??  I say put Wilkerson on the pine.  My lineup:

ss  Carroll
2b  Vidro (it pains me to write that, but it is what it is)
rf   Guillen (maybe NJ will provide some protection)
1b  Johnson
lf   Church
3b  Castilla
cf   Wilson
c    Schneider

Unfortunately, I have a feeling Frank will sit Church and let Wilkie move to left.  Perhaps Bowden will move Wilkie prior to the deadline.  We will see.

Something else I have thought about is possibly batting Church at lead off.  Why not?  You could go Church, Vidro, Guillen, Johnson, Wilson, Castilla, Schneider, Carroll/Guzman.