Author Topic: John Lannan is a better man than I'll ever be  (Read 11774 times)

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You guys are revisionist when it comes to Lannan. Lol, at the fallacy that he's confident cuz of the defense this year. FOH!!! Lannan had career years in 09 and 08 when the defense was at it worst. You jokers just dont appreciate him cuz he's a groundball finesse pitcher and not an overpowering pitcher like Stras.4

I hate the fact that you ppl are trying to credit his performance with the improved defense when he's been doing his thing for almost four season. Lanna has been the most consistent starter in the brief history of this francise. LOL at minor leagueers being able to come up and produce his output . How often has that happened already for us..? Atilano, Stamnen, Detwiler, Martis, Mock???? How bout wnff favorite Balester. Yeah if that was the case it wouldve been happened already. There a reason Lannan has been up here all these years and those guys come and go evey season.

I might not appreciate Lannan's talents, but i do appreciate his consistency and professionalism. I hope he around and serviceable when we become a winning franchise. And you dont become a winning franchise by getting rid of stand-up  performers like Lannan.

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