Author Topic: John Lannan is a better man than I'll ever be  (Read 11535 times)

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Re: John Lannan is a better man than i'll ever be
« Reply #175: September 12, 2012, 11:11:51 PM »
This is definitely one of my anti-stats head moments, but I was thinking, somewhere between my second or third Jack daniels after the Oktoberfest, that what would be so wrong with offering him arb?  I'm guessing that after a year in the minors he would not get a killer bump up.  This would also give us coverage for the 5th starter slto in case we don't re-sign E-Jax.  I'm guessing Jackson gets 3/$40MM this offseason on the open market. He's the second best starter after Greinke.    That seems a little rich with Meyer and friends in the wings.  Why not bring JL back at $6MM for a year?