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Re: Follow the Prospects: Justin Bloxom, 1B
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Icy cold the past 10 games at Potomac:  .158 / .220 / .184, in 38 ABs, with 14 Ks and 3 BBs.  For the year, he's down to .266 / .332 / .448 over 286 ABs (78 games), with 9 HRs, 29 BBs and 64 Ks.

Had been hospitalized with an ulcer and released on 7/23, so I'm guessing he's showing some after effects.  Tough year physically, as he started the year recovering form a knee injury.  But his July was terrific before the ulcer:
78 ABs, .346 / .422 / .641, 78 ABs, 14 XBH (4HR), 11/13 BB/K.

Here is a link describing his recovery from knee surgery, his terrific July, his recent scare, and his transition to 3:

Just an excerpt - follow the link to the whole thing.
It did not take long for Bloxom to catch on. When manager Matthew LeCroy inserted Bloxom into the lineup, Bloxom began getting enough at-bats to be at ease and have a plan as to how to recognize certain pitches.

Bloxom came off an accomplished 2010 season in which he gave the Suns a .309 average with 11 home runs and 70 RBI.

Bloxom began showing his offensive skills during a July stretch in which he hit .480 (12 for 25) with two home runs, eight RBI and four doubles. He presently is hitting .270 with nine home runs and 42 RBI.

“I’ve gotten enough swings and seen enough pitching and it took me a little bit to get started,” Bloxom said. “Now I’m starting to feel comfortable at the plate. I’ve seen enough pitching. I can recognize my pitches now.”

Even a recent health scare has done little to shake Bloxom’s confidence. Prior to a game against Lynchburg on July 19, Bloxom was sent him to the hospital with what turned out to be only an ulcer. Bloxom was eventually released.

“It took a lot out of me,” Bloxom said. “It’s a constant grind. But I’m feeling decent at the plate.”