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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2
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How in the hell did the Giants win the Series last year? And how are they good this year?
This team stinks. Even their stud starters aren't doing much. Sanchez is trash.

I think the Giants are hitting AND pitching only slightly worse than last year.  That much of a difference can win you a World Series.  A lesson for the Nationals...
The Nationals need to get a winning streak going, with Zimm-with-1-N returning.  This team can still make the playoffs, but better MANAGING is needed!  
Nix should be starting every day, and only played tonight because Werth's ankle was sore.  We WON this game because of the walk by Nix (batting 8th) that resulted in him scoring a run.  Yes, he swung at crap at his ankles, but the ump was calling strikes for everything low.  (Probably to shorten the game, after last night's marathon. Wrong, but it happens.)