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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2
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Desmond Walks

So I'm facing cmdterps44's Zimmermen(n) this week in the WNFF 18-team fantasy league.  Since Brennan Boesch is 0-10 career against last night's pitcher, I decide to BENCH him, even though he's been hot lately.  So here's what he did (WNFF is using OBP instead of BA, a great idea):

Brennan Boesch, Det OF AB   H   R   HR   RBI   BB   SB   OBP
@Tex,   W 13-7             6     5    3    2     5     0    0    .833

I have tonight's SF starter Sanchez on my team: 5 IP, 2 ER, 6 K's but 5 Walks and no win possible.
So far Nix is on base 2 out of 3 AB's... for my bench, which means he'll hit a homer...