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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2
« Reply #25: June 07, 2011, 10:14:30 PM »
That interview with the MLB radio guy was cool.

Seems to know his stuff.

Yeah, he was informative and got me excited about the Nats picks.  What was his name again? I may want to give his show a listen...

Also, Pudge's son Dereck was picked by the Twins in the fifth or sixth round.  I know it doesn't directly relate to the Nats but it's still pretty cool.  Pudge must be one proud papa today.

I guess Werth twisted his ankle after tripping on that crazy on-field warmup mound last night. Who the hell designed AT&T park that way?  But whatever; he could probably use the time off to try and regroup psychologically... dude just seems shell-shocked whenever he's up to bat.