Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Anthony Rendon, 3B (and 2B, we hope)  (Read 41138 times)

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Re: Follow the Prospects: Anthony Rendon, 3B
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... and Zimmerman played how many games in the minors?

Rendon was an advanced hitter, who came from college. He's shown that his bat is elite -- and yeah, he should still get some more time in the minors, but it's not like we're talking about an 18-yr-old that's only played prep games.

Zimmy also was already considered a top flight defender who had a solid bat projection. I believe there was surprise that his bat developed as quick as it did, but there was really no surprise about his d. Can the same be said for Rendon? Also, with the talent we are currently fielding, there's no need to rush him to the Show. I say treat him like we did Harper. If he forces his way to the big club, let it happen, otherwise, let him develop at medium pace... :lol: