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Gameday Thread: Nats vs. Astros, Game 2
« Reply #50: July 23, 2005, 11:33:06 AM »
Quote from: "rileyn"
I'll say this again.  We are still 3 1/s games up in the wild card race.  If we can by some minor miracle win the next two that will give us a bit more cushion.

The road trip to Atlanta will make or break this season. If we get swept we are toast.  I have a feeling somebody is going to come up with a big hit to ignite this team.  

disclaimer:  I have had many, many Miller Lite's tonight.

Miller lite or not you're right.

This is a slump. Nats are neither anywhere near as bad as they look now or probably quite as good as they looked at times in June.

Follow a team day by day you see  stuff like this.

So if you don't know the sequence in which it happened and you are told "its July 23 and the Nats are in contention for first in the division and a few games up in the WC race" sounds like a good thing.

Is the team any better if they had spent the season winning a couple, losing one, winning three, losing two and just reaching the point where they are now?

162 games season is winning streaks and slumps and stretches where you play .500. and what matters is how you end the season. I have seen teams slump every bit as bad as the Nats are in July, right the ship and playe good ball in August and September, recovering all they lost in the slump.

I dunno if the Nats can. Betcha if Nats had an actual owner, he and Bowden are discussing should they fire Frank. Sometimes you fire a manager not cos he's the only cause of the problem, just to shake things up.

I think the Nats will recover. Whether they make the playoffs is another matter. I think they'll be in WC contention (which is what I thought in December) to the last. Might win it, might not. Might even win the division if they have a September anything like the May-June they had where they were dismissing NL East rivals (cept FLA) one after another.

It may be as simple as Nick is out. And its not even that Nick is anybody's dream first baseman or hitter, its that with a marginal offensive team, you take a significant piece out and you just don't have "crital mass." Its not like the Nats were blowing people away when they had the whole lineup healthy, its that they were scoring runs at a kind of low-average level. We just don't have that one guy who can carry you for a few weeks by going on a tear where he hits .600+ and drives in runs every night. Nats pretty much need the entire heart of the lineup.