Author Topic: Fangraphs reviews 2008 draft  (Read 521 times)

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Re: Fangraphs reviews 2008 draft
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While I'm of the mind that the likely Greinke deal was not one I'd like, I might give Riz a little credit if, in his honest assessment, he viewed Lombardozzi as Desmond's long-term 2d base partner and he thought Ramos would be a full time catcher. That makes both Norris and Espinosa expendable. It would then come down to the JZ v. Greinke element, and Greinke is established and under control for 2 years, while JZ was a toss up and under control for 4 - 5 years.  I still think too much of JZ to do the deal even if he's right about Lombardozzi and Ramos / flores, but I think it was a call based on his view of the surplus as far as position players goes.