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Re: Fangraphs reviews 2008 draft
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Potomac's offense is terri-bad though.

Seems that's the last group of talent drafted by the Bowden era.

I do worry about the trades he makes... especially with what he wanted to give up for Greinke.

The Potomac offense is off to a slow start for sure, but it is also the youngest team that Potomac has ever had.  Just based off of my personal observations of a lot of the guys that play there, I think a lot of them will adjust and come around in the second half.  But, yeah, pretty much the demarcation line between the Rizzo and Bowden regime is currently at Hagerstown/Potomac.

As for the Greinke trade, I agree that is worrisome what he was willing to give up.  With that said, the trade would have looked much better if they had more upper echelon talent to offset the loss of those players.  When you only have a few hot prospects at AA, AAA, and MLB levels, it is difficult to make any trade without leaving some serious holes.