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Re: Scott Podsednik?
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you know, when I saw the name Podsednik I was thinking OMG there have to be better guys available than him right now. But to be fair, I went looking around and there isn't a lot out there. At least not many names on the blogs I follow. So this isn't a horrible suggestion by any means. Trouble is, he hasnt played much CF lately. Probably because of his age.
I prefer to have Werth stay in RF and I want to see Nix every single day in LF until he plays his way out of the line up. He has earned the playing time(to my surprise).

I still think that when we get our 3B back and our 1B starts to produce, we can afford to have Bernadina in CF. I might be alone here as I have not yet learned which posters love and hate which guys...but I still think Bernadina can be a player. JMO and I've certainly been wrong many times.