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Re: Follow the Prospects: Corey Brown, OF
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But knowing Davey, he'll play Bernadina for like 5 games in the week while giving Corey some pinch hits here and there with a spot start... He'll continue to do this for two weeks, even though Corey Brown has 5 hits in 12 at bats with a home run. He'll eventually play Corey for two or three games in a row. Corey will be starting but not necessarily every day since Davey will continue to play Bernadina, even though Bernie has 4 hits in his last 30 something at bats.

Corey Brown will finally get  the nod to start but it will be at the worst timing when Bryce is back.

You're not even close to being right on Bernadna's numbers. I'd understand if Nady/Ankiel/DeRosa was taking time from young players.. but Bernadina isn't bad. Maybe I just like him.