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Sheff to the Tigers
« Topic Start: November 11, 2006, 11:05:19 AM »
Quote from: "ColtonWillems"
Well this is a baseball board, and I'm pretty sure I'm in the Trades, Transactions, and Rumors section of it, so I posted something that had to do with that.

Yes, this is the Trades, Transactions and Rumors section, but it's the "Washington Nationals Fan Forum Trades, Transactions and Rumors section" not the "Every other team in all of baseball" section. If a deal the Skankees, Tigers, Pads, or whoever else make effects the Nats in some way, I have no problem with it being posted, but to post on every trade that happens in baseball, then we might as well ask The Chief to change the name of the Forum to "MLB Fan Forum" because that's what it would turn into.

This is just my opinion, but unless a move another team makes has some kind of bearance (I just made up that word) to the Washington Nationals, I see no reason it being talked about or for this board. This Forum is not here to promote another team's actions, it's here so Washington Nationals fans to talk about the goings on in and around the Washington Nationals without the worry of trolls, spammers and the like. If it's not Nationals related, I don't think it belongs.

If people really want to include moves by other teams, then they should seriously consider asking The Chief to create a special section for just that purpose.