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Josh Barfield traded to Indians
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Quote from: "Ali the Baseball Cat"
OK, this is Nats-related:  The Filthies' going after Soriano come Sunday is all over the electronic wonderland - seems to me that this is almost the worst possible nightmare for Nats fans.  No, it IS the worst possible nightmare.  If they want a big bat to back up Howard, why did those cheese steaks trade Abreu??  Wankers.

I would think the worst team that (S0)rian0 could go to at this point is the Mutts but that is just me.  I don't like anything that improves their chances of repeating the NL East.  Omar will shoot them in the their own foot, I guarntee.  But he isn't going there.

Having (S0)rian0 doesn't mean really jack ultimately and doesn't mean any team that has him is guarnteed playoff bound.  Any team that meets anywhere near his majesty's demands is a sucker.  No way is a player worth that much, especially one who just had a career year and will most likely be on the decline over the years of a long contract.