What's the best possible starting pitching performance?

Get all 27 batters out on one pitch (27-pitch game)
4 (33.3%)
Strike out all 27 batters
7 (58.3%)
Other (explain)
1 (8.3%)

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Author Topic: What's the best possible pitching performance?  (Read 865 times)

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I'm sort of in the camp of luck-neutral performance as a measure, so I'd say 81 pitch, 27 strikeouts would be perfect perfection.

I might say that Pedro's 17 K game against the Yankees on 9/10/99, with the only hit being a Chili Davis homer, was better than some perfect games. 98 game score, .623 WPA. 120 pitches, 19 swinging strikes, 29 strikes looking.

Compare that to Buerhle's perfect game. 6 Ks, 93 Game Score, .290 WPA, 116 pitches, 6 swinging strikes, 22 looking.  Buerhle more or less needed a spectacular catch by Dewayne Wise and solid defense throughout in order to even be in this conversation.