What's the best possible starting pitching performance?

Get all 27 batters out on one pitch (27-pitch game)
4 (33.3%)
Strike out all 27 batters
7 (58.3%)
Other (explain)
1 (8.3%)

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Author Topic: What's the best possible pitching performance?  (Read 841 times)

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What's the best possible pitching performance?
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Coladar wrote this in yesterday's Marquis v. Lincecum game thread:

As impressive as those 13 Ks are to seven, I think, just going by the lines there, Marquis had the better performance. 96 pitch CGs, hell, any CG under 100 pitches, is truly phenomenal. What an incredible performance, pitching nine innings with just 96 pitches! What a game.

So here we have the POV that throwing a tiny number of pitches, just over 10 per inning, is a "better performance" than striking out twice as many guys. This made me wonder: in theory/dream land, what do you think is the best a starting pitcher can possibly play? Using the fewest pitches, or striking out the most guys?