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Re: Follow the Prospects: Brad Peacock, RHP
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My problem with Law here (as I've had other problems with him) is the sloppiness/laziness.

Matt Moore's AA numbers, in that postgame video, were described as "video game" and they are, indeed, outstanding numbers.  Brad Peacock's numbers, at the same level, are better, not by a lot but still better.

Moore has been pegged as one of the top pitching prospects in the minors so his outstanding numbers are no surprise to Law et al.  Brad Peacock isn't regarded anywhere near that.  If you were even kind of curious, you'd wonder why Peacock's numbers are better than Moore's.  Perhaps it would encourage you to do a little research, ie that Kilgore blog entry about his new delivery, to see if there's anything you're missing.  Of course, Law takes the lazy path, and assumes that Moore's great numbers are because he's a top of the rotation, potential ace and Peacock's great, slightly better, numbers are a result of random luck.