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Re: Nationals vs Mets, Game 3
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but he gets a free pass on here for some reason?!?!

look i know the hitters deserve blame (as do the GM/owners), but people on here had no problem blaming randy st. claire who has done fine things in florida (and shall i remind everyone who was on our staff back then). 

Personally I have battled this with people before who insist on blaming the hitting coaches more than they deserve. I place more of the burden on the players. A hitting coach can only do so much. freak Eckstein as far as I'm concerned. I just want this team to win and for that I believe we need to change way many more things than a hitting coach. This fish stinks from the head down and that won't change until they start actually committing themselves to spending some money to field a complete MLB caliber team.

The fact that St Claire may be doing better over with better talent only strengthens the argument that a coach is only as good as the talent of his players.