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Re: Follow the Prospects: Chris Marrero, 1B
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Marrero should be up in Syracuse around the 4th of July with a call up to the show in late July early August. 

I don't agree.Maybe a September call up to showcase for a trade like Milone , Pea**** last season. We have DeRosa coming back soon and hopefully  to replace Nady. I would rather have Tyler Moore on the 25 man. You also have Corey Brown who was up for a cuppa' last month.

Why Nady is still here is beyond me. We have ex -major leaguers in Syracuse who have to be better than Nadys .143. If you forgot who they are they are Teahan, Carroll , Michaels and Xavier Paul.

also Chad Tracy is comng back at some point so he gets a spot. Whose place will he take?" Ankiel , Bernie , Moore?