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Re: Follow the Prospects: Chris Marrero, 1B
« Reply #175: June 14, 2012, 10:53:24 AM »
I would not mind 2 -3 years of Moore and Marrero riding a shuttle back and forth to syracuse as interchangeable bench pieces.  Marrero should play a little bit of left to increase his utility.  maybe even some 3d, where he broke in.  I know he is supposed to be bad defensively at places he has to run, but he could basically be a cheap corner backup for a contender and a nice piece of depth. 

One thing I would like is Syracuse to be a warehouse for end of the roster, cheap parts for the bench and bullpen so that we can have more flexibility when there are hurting position players you don't want to DL, the bullpen is gassed, or we need a spot start.  Moore, Marrero, Brown, Severino, some of the catchers, maybe a few others would be nice depth.