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"Bad" Element at RFK Games
« Topic Start: July 22, 2005, 10:48:34 AM »
I read today's article in the Metro section of the Washington Post.  I think the serious, die-hard Nats fans should chill out.  Remember, many law firms and other businesses purchased huge number of seats in the lower levels.  Those seats are used for employees and clients.  Visiting a game at RFK Stadium is a good way to have a "casual" moment with a client.

Once the new stadium opens along the Anacostia, most of the law firms and consulting companies will have reserved their own luxury boxes.  That leaves more seats available to the general public.  The die-hard Nationals fans will have to put up with the lawyer/lobbying chatter until at least 2008.  

On the other hand, I'm not very fond of the fair weather visitors either.  Washington, DC has a surplus number of yuppies who find baseball as a light distraction from the daily grind.  Those yuppies feel more comfortable attending a wine tasting or listening to some Brazilian jazz band.  Of course, they are going to yack about their BlackBerries, the job, the spouses, kids, the vacation home etc.  Of course, they won't pay attention to the game because their lives are important than anything else.

You have yuppie couples who read the Post and watch the news.  The hear about how great the Nationals are playing.  They think that RFK is the place to be because the Nats are soooo COOL and HIP now.  They buy tickets, go to the game, and talk about themselves until the sixth inning.  After that, they leave the game out of sheer boredom.  

Washington, DC lacks the passionate sports culture of cities like Boston, New York, or Chicago.  Why?  Because we don't have a large working class here.  It's the working and middle classes that form the bulwark of sports passion.  The problem with DC is that we have an affluent population and a decreasing middle class and union-member working class.  Ticket prices will only increase for future seasons.  Unfortuately, the working guy will be left out.  Enough with the sociological babble.

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"Bad" Element at RFK Games
« Reply #1: July 22, 2005, 04:23:29 PM »
I saw the article too this morning and my first thought was, "Why in the hell is this article in the paper?"  Is it really newsworthy?  Look, there are always going hard core fans and johnny-come-lately fans.  I also get upset when fans walk up and down the aisle during play (much less during critical pitches), but at least the fans are at the park.

When I go to a game, I watch the game not the other fans (except for  the hot chicks...they are always a welcome distraction).