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Re: Follow the Prospects Master Thread
« Reply #100: May 02, 2013, 09:33:26 AM »
Glockypoo has set up a Krol thread and is going to put together one for Treinen. 

Anyone else we should be covering?

Also, is there anyone who should be dropped off the master list either because he is not longer with the system or is not worth keeping up to date?

Generally, if I see someone is still active in the system but slips to page 5 or so in the list of threads, I'll do a quick check of recent stats and a google of news. I don't do this for all who slip, but for folks who are still A+ or higher and of serious interest due to being in a trade or a promising stretch of games in the past, I try to bump those.  for examples, I'll bump Michael Taylor or Sammy Solis but not Cutter Dykstra.