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Re: Follow the Prospects Master Thread
« Topic Start: April 25, 2011, 02:11:08 PM »
Below you'll find links to several of the Nats Farm players.  I've tried to pick up at least one thread on all the ones on players who are not on the 25 Man and who have less than 1 year MLB service.*

What JMU, BBQ, and I have kicked around is the idea that members of the board will agree to periodically update one of the threads with recent news or developments with a player. For example, news of a roster move (DL, promotion, etc...), recent results, perhaps articles in the hometown or minor league papers,, etc... could be updated as appropriate.  

Volunteer for a thread here, or just do it.  

This will also help us spot loopholes in our tracking. For example, I was astounded to see no threads dedicated to Sammy Solis in the past year. Edit - I started a Solis thread. We probably should track the BA top 30 when we get good at this, but for now, let's aim for BA's top 10 and the first 10 rounds of recent drafts ('09 and '10).

When you start a thread, see if you can find a picture, list some basic bio info, and any quick profiles you can lay your hands on.  BBQ recently did this for Tom Milone. You don't have to have all of the stuff to start a "Follow the Prospects" thread - just try to update the first post when you get the info.  For new threads, please use the following naming convention:  Follow the Prospects: [name][position].

Here is what I've found for existing threads (14 players tracked to some degree):

[snip - see first post]

Norris is an interesting case of many threads being started on him.  Obviously, next to Harper, he's the most written about guy in our minor league system.  Besides Linty's thread, there were earlier threads that died ( and some news threads (news of his beaning - -  as well as his being mentioned in Fangraphs analysis of the Capps deal [NJ Ave's thread], Kevin Goldstein's discussion last summer - ) that probably could have been posted into a deadicated thread had we been doing this. JMU, BBQ, and I don't intend to kibosh threads on interesting developments with these players. Instead, we'd like to have a nice tracking thread in addition to the little threads.

If I've missed any good ancient threads (I went back to April 2010 for last posts), or if you want to track any other player, please start a thread and post a link as a reply here.  I'll modify my post to add links at the start of this thread.

Thanks for your help in this project.


*thus, no Bally.  He's better than a minor leaguer, anyway.  Just Rizzo doesn't realize it.  And ShootingStar makes better cookies, too!