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Follow the Prospects Master Thread
« Topic Start: April 25, 2011, 09:33:58 AM »
The third post in this thread is a bit longer and explains what a few of us hope to accomplish with this thread and the threads about individual prospects.  I hope you'll participate and become a board expert on particular prospects.

I'll use the first post as a master list.  Thanks to JMUAlumni and BBQ for starting this.  Please volunteer to start or maintain a thread and update periodically.  When you start a thread, please use the following naming convention to make the threads easy to spot - "Follow the Prospects: [name] [position]"  Thanks for your help in this project.


PS - TomTerp, one of the moderators for this board, adds the following:
Plus, for you newbs to the Nats farm system (newly signed players, I'm talking to YOU) please note you're invited to visit WNFF anytime, and if you want to spend an hour to introduce yourself to fans of your new club, we'd love for you to do so.  Here's a link to the chats we've had, and we're always looking to do more:

Just register and send myself or The Chief a private message, and we'll get you set up.
Below you'll find links to several of the Nats Farm players.  I've tried to pick up at least one thread on all the ones on players who are not on the 25 Man and who have less than 1 year MLB service.*

Austin Adams -
-- Imref - acquired for Danny Espinosa, therefore is a plus already :thumbs:

Telmito Agustin -

Dakota Bacus -
-- NatandtheHat

Tres Barrera -

Rafael Bautista -

Jacob Condra-Bogan -

Wil Crowe -
-- JCA-CrystalCity

Matthew Crownover =
-- Imref - 1st no hitter at Potomac

Wirkin "My Way Back to You" Estevez -
- - LintyFresh We've had a request to change the nickname for this thread to "Wirkin 'At the Car Wash' Estevez."  Frankie Valli has friends, and you would not want them to bring back the "special fireworks" for one night when you are at the park. We now have a thread dedicated to this topic -

Erick Fedde -
-- Imref

Luis Garcia -

Koda Glover -
-- RZimm#11 - locked until loses rookie status, then move to the moveon thread

Bryan Harper's Mustache -
-- imref - the Mustache headlined the home run derby

Taylor "Not Sean / Shawn / Shaun" Hill -
-- GNatsNoMore

Daniel Johnson -
-- Section 214

Kevin Keyes -
-- JMUAlumni thanks!  Newer, stronger, better than ever!

Carter Kieboom -
-- BrandonK - See below for jokes about surname.

Spencer Kieboom -
-- Imref - we can work on nicknames later.  "Boom Boom" Kieboom?  Kieboom "goes the dynamite"?

Nicholas Lee -
--LintyFresh - How can we miss you when you won't get claimed on waivers?

Edwin Lora -
-- ZDK - SS, tradebait for Trout

Tyler "Not a Taylor" Mapes -
-- Imref - 30th round pick from 2014.

Jose Marmolejos -
-- Smithian - It would be nice if we spotted one before most of the bird-dogs had him ranked

Estarlin Martinez -
-- Monkeyhit

Rafael Martin - (this would be a good thread to add some basic bio info on him).

Jim Negrych -
--LintyFresh Welcome to the organization, Jim!  Good luck here.

Hector Nelo -
 -- Squab  If at first you bomb in the Texas organization, try try again in Harrisburg

Shawn Pleffner -
-- Imref

Raudy "Roddy" Reed -
-- Imref - if he can't catch, maybe he can wrestle?

Victor Robles -
-- natasaurus

Seth Romero -
-- Imref -

Reid Schaller -
-- RHP

Andrew Stevenson -
-- Clever

Austin Voth -
-- Lintyfresh

Drew Ward =
-- RD