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Soccer Thread (2011)
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Baltimore financed a study to determine the viability of moving DCU there and found several options that work within their city budget structure.

but they still gotta vote on it. the nats stadium probably fit within our budget too. payments from stadium area taxes and taxis on the largest dc businesses (an involuntary tax increase was needed for some parties).  

baltimore can say their crap is in order but until that year's budget needs to be voted on, nothing is settled. if baltimore has a city council mechanism like dc, i'm pretty sure there would be more ward 7 and 8 -like representation that dc had, and dc  barely got their crap passed.

the only thing that might help the bmore bid is that it might be a maryland-wide body that decides it, because it is the maryland stadium authority or something.

dc is dc. baltimore is baltimore and MD

PG shot it down. Baltimore representation might shoot it down (although maybe not if it is maryland money). Does other Maryland representation want to build a stadium in Bmore? Would the easter shore vote yes?

I think Baltimore is far from certain