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Soccer Thread (2011)
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Probably true. 

I have been a DCU fan since the start of the league and haven't missed a game in quite a few years, but I don't feel optimistic about things here in DC.  Mayor Mugabe is unlikely to be any more of an ally than Fenty was when it comes to city financing of squat on this side of the Anacostia, and Poplar Point is dead of a thousand cuts, so never mind east of the water.  A private/private development deal by Gallaudet might actually grow legs if Chang can scare up some more capital, but I can't see anything happening on the river.  Hope I'm wrong.     

Buzzard Point actually seems like a viable option but DCU isn't getting anything until a new investor joins Chang to add investment capital to the venture and stability to the franchise.

I have a sneaking hunch that we'll be talking about Baltimore United after this season (RFK is a massive dump at this point).