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Re: NFL thread (2011-12)
« Reply #3825: February 15, 2012, 01:05:16 PM »
Jaws just disappeared for long stretches when Gruden was doing all the back and forth with Tirico. Very bad chemistry in the booth.  I am not sure they don't like each other, but Jaws just seemed unwilling to pipe and deflate or argue with Gruden.  The best three men booths are when the analysts are willing to poke at each other, like Cosell and Meredith. 

It also takes an play-by-play guy who knows how to draw out the more reticent guy by keying up questions and analysis that pitch to his strength.  John Miller was a master at it when Orel and Morgan was in the booth, even when Orel was the new guy.  He'd go, time for something intelligent, let me ask Orel something up his alley, time to stroke an all time great's ego, let me ask Joe about the Reds or his high school's sports program.  Tirico did not do this as well.