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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2
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Have they interviewed Stairs or Pudge yet?  Looking back and thinking about this game, this was not a bad loss in any sense going up against Halladay.  But it was there to steal right at the end and the two guys with the most experience on the team and with the best histories against Halladay at the plate.  I think you just have to appreciate Halladay's genius there and not get too caught up in it.  They did well enough battling back and showing some life. 

We lost the game pretty early on with mistakes - Desmond error(s) and Lannan hitting Howard with the bases loaded - and falling behind Halladay.  Even if it was only 3-0 it felt like we were down a lot more.

Still - you'd hope our 'professional hitter' and 'HOF catcher' would at least get a swing or two in before going down.