How awesome are Charlie and Dave?

The best duo in sports
22 (20.4%)
The best duo in MLB
20 (18.5%)
One of the best in sports
12 (11.1%)
One of the best in MLB
41 (38%)
I'm a moran and I don't like Charlie and Dave
4 (3.7%)
They're just ok
9 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 106

Author Topic: Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler  (Read 15098 times)

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Re: Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler
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They rock. Does any one else have a hard time telling their voices apart or is that my personal affliction?

I do too!  I wonder who this "Jack of all things" that they talk about?  Is it their producer?  Hung his bathing suit to dry in the booth!  Guy has to be nuts!