How awesome are Charlie and Dave?

The best duo in sports
22 (20.4%)
The best duo in MLB
20 (18.5%)
One of the best in sports
12 (11.1%)
One of the best in MLB
41 (38%)
I'm a moran and I don't like Charlie and Dave
4 (3.7%)
They're just ok
9 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 106

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Re: Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler
« Reply #125: August 20, 2011, 02:55:23 PM »
Blasphemy, I know - and maybe it's just me - but I think Charlie and Dave's style is all wrong for TV.  All that screaming and shouting is fine for radio, but when I actually watch a game, I don't need the booth constantly reminding me that they are there.  Maybe this is why I can't understand all the people who talk about muting Carpenter + whoever.  They're so unobtrusive, is it that hard to just tune them out?
I thought Dave worked great on TV while he was in the booth last week.  IDK if Charlie AND Dave would work on TV, it might be too much, but I think it would work just fine.  I personally like the radio guys because I just think they call a better game.  I think radio guys generally do.  It's never gotten in the way of my watching the game.  The only thing that's slightly annoying is when what they're talking about doesn't match up with what's on the screen because Charlie and Dave are talking about something completely different.  And one final thing, I C&D have a chemistry and repertoire that come with the several years of experience working together that, IMO would translate to any medium.  Carp hasn't been given that luxury with a year of Sutton, a year and a half of Dibs and then this year with FP.  He's had a revolving door of color guys.  I don't think he does a bad job, but he hasn't really been given the chance to really develop something like C&D have.