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Author Topic: What is your biggest concern about the 2011 Nats? (Ongoing Poll)  (Read 869 times)

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Honestly, reading more about LaRoche, maybe it should instead be our training and medical staff. Any idiot without medical training knew when they read he had torn his labrum that it wasn't good news, at the start of a 162 game season no less. Then they say hey, he's fine, he can play the entire season. And less than a week in, what happens? A tear that might have gotten better with rest gets worse. Now he's not even playing, but still not DLed. Then he'll come back, if he doesn't already need surgery, play some more in pain, until it's unrecoverable and requires surgery and a lost season.

Genius move there, because a guy doesn't need surgery yet and can barely still play, let him keep playing, at the start of the season!!! From Strasburg, Wang, etc. Etc. Etc. How badly can our staff have misjudged Wang LAST year and he still isn't playing? Wtf? Look at all the injuries we have had over the past five years that we've all said is the result of bad training and a bad medical staff. And still it continues, and still it costs us. This thing with LaRoche is the worst though. Start of the season, heck, still in ST, Labrum tear, and they let him keep going. Just plain stupid.