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Author Topic: What is your biggest concern about the 2011 Nats? (Ongoing Poll)  (Read 1017 times)

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Offense, by far.

Ankiel, LaRoche, Pudge, and the bench (I can't stress this part enough, hi Hairston/Cora) = guys I expect to be bad

And almost everyone else is somewhat of a question mark.  I only have any reasonable expectation of Zimmerman and Werth having decent years at he dish.

It's too bad we couldn't have signed that guy who went to the White Sox.  What was his name?  Alan Gunn?  I know he's the undisputed worst defender of all time, and makes you wish you could have Carlos Baerga in leatherpants playing the field for your team instead, but I'm pretty sure he hits fairly well.

Oh well, I'm just "beating a dead horse" so I'll stop now.