Author Topic: RFK Dimensions are WRONG.  (Read 4612 times)

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RFK Dimensions are WRONG.
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
I think even if they used the same dimensions in the new park there would be more home runs hit, unless its another enclosed stadium like RFK. If they can open up the outfields a bits to let the breezes come in, the park wouldn't lead the league in homers, but it at least would be a dead zone. Baseball fans love to see runs scored, and even though they wont complain over a 2-1 win, they go nuts when the home team scores in the double digits.

yeah. You're right on the enclosed nature limiting HR's and the trend in ballpark design is open vistas so likely will be the case.

Me, I liked it better when a HR was an event. A prodigious feat by a real power guy, but then I guess I'm out of step.

I grew up on the Dawson-Carter-Raines-Expos and the Whitey Ball Cards so that's my preference.

Somewhere, Pete Incaviglia is sitting in front of his TV saying "GEEZ! Why wasn't I born 20 years later!"