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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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I don't know.  He looked fine in the 7th.  I think if you're a pitcher at this level coming out of the pen, you should be able to go two innings at least occasionally.

I think they're trying to decide what to do with Broderick, thus the extended look.

I think others covered what I would have said about Werth. He's doing pretty well, and he'll have some more clutch moments this year. The "Haynes-Werth" nickname is particularly annoying, though, because Haynesworth was a fat bum who wasn't a team player and didn't show up to work. Werth is embracing his role in the two hole and having great at-bats, getting on base. It has to be the worst contract in DC in recent memory, and Snyder had the gaul to make fun of it to take attention away from his Haynesworth contract. At least we have a player who shows up to work. 

Not to mention that Haynesworth gets into legal trouble by fighting and harassing local citizens.