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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
« Reply #875: April 10, 2011, 01:15:58 AM »
I'm in the process of watching the game after getting home from work.  Couple of thoughts:

- Wilson Ramos = beast.  How did Rizzo pull that one off?
- that was a bomb from Espinosa.  Desi's too.
- Loved the base running in the 3rd and the more aggressive attitude in general on the base paths.
- I wanted to say it was a kind of a meh debut for Gorzolanny, but he only gave up 4 hits in his 5.1. But there were a couple of things that might still lead me to giving it a "meh" grade.  There were a couple of moments where I was disappointed by the mental toughness by him.  Giving up the homerun to Beltran after the ball that should have been called 3rd strike, giving up the triple after Hairiston's gaffe.  I know it was only 4 hits, but the ones he did give up were awfully big ones.
- I'm not going to comment on Hairston's play, you guys have done that enough, I'm sure.  Credit to him for facing the music after the game, though and not slipping out of the clubhouse, but he's gotta make that play, every time.  It's not a hard play, it's one I'm certain most of us could either make right now or could have at one time. 
- I'm not sure what to do with Broderick.  I think they should make a deal with the Cardinals to keep him around, but he's not ready for this level yet, IMO.  I think he might have a future, but not yet.  I do think he earned the look, though in spring training, but now that the bullets are real, AA or AAA would be best for now. 
- This was a tough one and a little strange, for a lot of reasons, hope they can rebound tomorrow.  It's another winnable game.