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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
« Reply #875: April 10, 2011, 12:45:27 AM »
No, he didn't chose it...but still it happened.  That makes it ok to mention.

And yes, he's not the only or biggest problem but he is one of the more well-paid problems (hence the Haynes- prefix).

Again, do none of you see anything wrong with what we've gotten from Jayson Werth this (yes, early) season?  His performance is completely beyond reproach?

If so, that is something I don't understand at all.

No I agree, he deserves to be questioned about his play here so far. The thing is, when we have all of these problems, this one is merely a paper cut to a gash wound. His 2 run bomb was memorable for sure but how many people hit clutch crap like that? The GIDP happened and its a shame. You know what else happened? Ramos and Ankiel failed to deliver with bases loaded. Ankiel failed to deliver with man on second and third. I am not placing any blame on Ramos or Ankiel, I am just saying that timely hitting is another problem with this club. Where was the double with bases loaded? Where was the single with man on third and second? The GIDP could be placed underneath that category.

What do you want Werth to do? Hit 5 home runs in 7 games? He's gotten on base and he's given us opportunities. If you are questioning his low batting average, look at his career numbers vs Florida. They are awful. Who did we play last series? Florida. I seem to think of the "stats don't lie" phrase in this occurrence. That is a big factor towards his low average.  If you remove his Florida series, he has a .315 average.

I will continue to talk about this in the thread Chief has posted but I was writing this at the time.