Author Topic: Morgan - "... it feels good to be in a baseball city"  (Read 2882 times)

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I am getting curious if he will be a jackass and end up fighting with both the Nationals and Marlins. He might have a secret strategy to lead the league in HBP.

These are all comments made in the media. He just left the team, there's no way unless he was a true clubhouse pariah, which he wasn't, that there's going to be any bad blood. Unless he's a true psychopath, and thinks he can only win the adoration of his new city by causing actual bad blood with guys he called his teammates a week ago, that we have to even consider that being a possibility.

If he comes into town badmouthing the team next week, then he really is a sociopath. Because he *just* left, with no bad blood, and quite a few of those guys should still be fairly close with him. But I wouldn't go into the series expecting there to be any tension or bad blood. If it actually happens, then maybe my hyperbole about Morgan isn't that hyperbolic...