Author Topic: Morgan - "... it feels good to be in a baseball city"  (Read 2080 times)

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:lmao:  I totally hope Morgan shows up in "PR mode" and does something that you completely interpret as "showboating during an at bat" so you can look foolish. I seriously doubt it will take any physical restraining to keep you from going on the field.  :rofl:

:lmao:  This alone would make reacquiring Morgan for a month worth it.

Jesus, there's such a thing as not being serious, you realize? I find Morgan to be reprehensible as a person, made all the more irritating by the fact that at the time he pulled this crap, people were defending him left and right. There's no excuse for violence in baseball, and then not to apologize for it, take pride in it, then be defended by people left and right? Then spit in those people's faces the second you leave town? If you're still a member of the Morgan fan club after all of that, I hope I do seem like a psycho then. Like I said in my first post, I've despised Morgan all along. So imagine what his most recent comments took my opinions of him down to if everyone that defended his violence way back when as "Just being that hockey mentality," went from loving him to hating him. Likewise, this is the Internet, and people write crap they obviously don't mean. Having this jackass spit on us after everything he pulled, all the while having 99% of the fans defend him and rally around him? I'm proud to say I amped up the hyperbole to a factor of a thousand in my two rants. Morgan deserves nothing less. Add the fact that the same folks who criticized my comments saying what a lunatic Morgan was and how his actions were inexcusable are now on the anti-Morgan parade? Yeah...