Author Topic: Morgan - "... it feels good to be in a baseball city"  (Read 2660 times)

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Now people are finally seeing what I've been saying all along about this trash bum Morgan. I got a ton of hate for the past year being Morgans biggest not-fan, but now what I saw in him all along is becoming clearly evident. This guy was trash, and the team is infinitely better off for having him the hell out of DC. Good riddance, Morgan, we won't miss you. Can't wait until you're trashing Milwaukee in another year or two. That's assuming you're still playing and haven't received a lifetime ban for going nuts and beating the crap out of a player or fan. Which seems like a good possibility at this point, lunatic.

I'm curious where all the people who derided me for going all out on Morgan the past... Nine months or so, are now. Because at times, heck, not just at times, all the time, I was the only one who was staunchly anti-lunatic. He had a good couple months when he came here, but he's trash, he sucks 99% of the time. He has no self control. Any player who goes off on a teams fans as he's hauled off the field on his ass? Come on. Then there was the inside the park home run against Baltimore. Missing the ball, then throwing down your glove and stomping your feet? Wtf? And now you are trashing DC, a city who's fans supported you almost universally despite this crap, even after it happened? And even after your suspension, continued to support you in large numbers? And now you trash the city? Wtf you piece of refuse. I hope the next time you lose your mind, assuming you normally have it to begin with which is being quite generous in assuming, someone belts you upside the head but good. You deserve it. Nothing permanent, but considering your actions, physically violent included, you deserve a good ass kicking by a nice 6'5", 270 lb. pitcher.

Are you saying, "I told you so."?    :D